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FCC News | FCC Streamlines Rules for Wireless Infrastructure Modifications to Facilitate 5G Deployment

WASHINGTON, October 27, 2020 – Federal Communications Commission today took action to reduce regulatory barriers to 5G deployment by further streamlining the state and local government review process for modifications to existing wireless infrastructure that involve excavation and deployment beyond existing site boundaries. In the Report and Order adopted today, the Commission revised its rules … Read more

NYSWA Scholarship for SUNY Impact Foundation – Scholarship Winners 2020

Congratulations to our SUNY Impact Scholarship winners! The intent of this program is to foster interest among SUNY students for possible careers in the dynamic and growing NY-based wireless telecommunications industry. The NYSWA/SUNY scholarship is open to students with a variety of academic backgrounds in order to develop and recruit young talent to work in … Read more

Westchester County Association Focused on 5G & Broadband, Assistance from Former NYSWA President Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher, Managing Partner at Cuddy & Feder and former President of NYSWA, is a Co-Chair of the Westchester County Association’s Post Pandemic Working Group, an extraordinary group of leaders from the business, healthcare, education and not-for-profit community.  A newly-released report from the group titled “Towards a Stronger Future” sets forth an advocacy and action … Read more

NJWA & NYSWA Free Webinar Series 3: 30 Minutes on 5G/Small Cell Legislation in NJ/NY

The next session in our webinar series, 30 Minutes on 5G/Small Cell Legislation in NJ/NY, launched on Wednesday, September 23. The webinar features Arturo Chang, WIA, Beth Cooley, CTIA, and Dulaney O’Roark, Verizon Wireless, detailing the bills pending in the legislature(s) and the prospects for passage. The bills will streamline the siting for small cells … Read more

NYSWA & NJWA Free Webinar Series 2: 30 Minutes on RF Emission Safety

The second session of our joint virtual webinar series with NJWA launched on Tuesday, August 25. This session features Professor Kenneth R. Foster, Ph.D discussing various topics regarding RF emission safety, followed by a Q&A. A huge thank you to all our event sponsors and those involved in making our webinar series possible. NYSWA EVENT … Read more