Meet Your Board – Douglas Dimitroff

Douglas Dimitroff boasts an impressive resume. Having over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, he’s not only been a member of NYSWA since its inception in 2007, but he was also the very first President and remains on the board of directors today.

Doug’s dedication to the industry and the association doesn’t stop there. He also co-chairs the new Workforce Development Committee, aiming to close the gap between skilled workers and telecom careers.

What do you see as the greatest opportunity for the future of wireless?

When I started doing legal work in wireless, I had the opportunity to represent a major carrier in the initial buildout of their cellular network in the 1990s. Look how far we’ve come since then! There’s no doubt that the continued evolution of networks and the growth of digital infrastructure is our greatest opportunity.

What are you most looking forward to contributing to your role as a NYSWA board member this year?

I want to help encourage others to take advantage of the programs and the opportunities for expanding digital infrastructure across New York state and to do so by taking advantage of best practices from other areas.

How can getting involved with NYSWA impact the success of someone’s career?

It’s very difficult to predict one’s career path. But, by getting involved with the association, NYSWA can provide a much broader perspective on industry trends and the opportunities that are available.

As our industry looks to the next generation of leaders, what would you share with someone just starting their career in wireless?

Get involved in industry events. NYSWA is an all-volunteer board, but the time invested in programs – from education to networking – pays big dividends.

What is your passion? What gets you out of bed every day?

I absolutely love what I do. Being a lawyer and an active part of the wireless industry is a major part of my day-to-day.

What is something about you that most people are surprised to learn?

My wife and I have four successful adult children.

What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Pay it forward. Especially for those who don’t have the opportunities that you have. It’s incredibly rewarding.