The Events Committee: Where Future Leaders Begin Their Journey

Ask any NYSWA member and they’ll tell you that networking is the most beneficial, rewarding aspect of belonging to the association. And if networking is the foundation, then the Events Committee is its heart.

Every year, the Events Committee is tasked with golf outings, socials, holiday parties, ski events, and other informal opportunities across the state that bring members together for great conversation and a great time. Emily McPherson may have said it best when she noted “there’s certainly something for everyone”.

NYSWA’s crowning jewel, however, is the biennial Forum which was last held in 2022 in upstate New York. The first following a brief COVID-19 induced hiatus.

Undoubtedly, the Forum commands the most time and effort from members of the committee as it attracts the highest number of attendees, and the highest volume of revenue which NYSWA can then refocus to cornerstone programs like the SUNY Impact Foundation Scholarship Program.

“It’s a large lift,” said Paul Eisenberg, Chair of the Events Committee. “The Forum is our capstone event, akin to a mini Connect (X). It attracts high-caliber professionals from all over the region – beyond New York State – for two days of presentations, panels, vendor exhibits, and, of course, the best networking around.”

Paul should know. He’s not only the Events Committee Chair but was also the Co-Chair of 2022 Forum event with Co-Chairs Aaron Friedman and Ann D’Alessandro. “It’s enjoyable work,” Paul continued. “Demanding, but highly rewarding.”

When we asked Paul what’s on deck for the remainder of 2023, it’s a wonder when the Events Committee volunteers rest. NYSWA will be hosting four additional Network for the Network Social Events (Westchester, Long Island, NYC, and Syracuse). They’re also planning a Day at the Races in Sarasota Springs, the Annual Charity Golf Event in Victor, and the NYSWA Holiday Party in New York City.

Since 2023 is an off year for the Forum, one might imagine that those events would be enough. Not for NYSWA. This October, New York State industry professionals will have the opportunity to attend what is considered a Mini-Forum. The Mini-Forum, held in off-Forum years, is a more intimate, single-day event bringing together high-level players in the industry – think c-level executives and government officials.

The goal of this year’s Mini-Forum is to take a deep dive into Fixed Wireless. The event will host panel discussions on expanded opportunities related to fixed wireless access from leaders and legislators, and also offer ample opportunities to connect with high-level players from the industry.

“We’re expecting about 300 people to attend this event,” said Paul. “We have an exciting keynote, an incredible location, and anticipate a heavy turnout from our elected officials as well as those from major wireless carriers, infrastructure providers, wireless Internet service providers, and the cable industry.”

Details on this year’s Fixed Wireless Fall Event will be forthcoming so be sure to keep your eyes on the NYSWA events page. It’s also a good time to follow NYSWA’s social pages as you can be sure news about the event will break there first:

Volunteers on the Events Committee not only help to build the annual calendar. They are traditionally seen as the next to step into further leadership roles at NYSWA on the board or even the executive committee.

“It’s important to get involved in a committee if you have aspirations of serving on the NYSWA board,” said Paul. “This committee, in particular, is looked at as the board determines our future leaders and individuals who are poised to step into a bigger role in the association and industry.” 

Interested in getting involved in an opportunity to be on the forefront of an evolving and innovative industry? Volunteer on the Events Committee.