Who We Are & What We Do

The New York State Wireless Association was formed in 2007 to provide an official forum for the cultivation of relationships and exchange of ideas between wireless telecommunications professionals, government officials and the public, and to create a platform for a unified voice among the wireless industry. ​

Our mission is to be a voice for the wireless industry in New York State and to educate communities and the public about our industry. We serve as a repository for the collection and distribution of information and news for the public and our members. With the highest of ethical standards and integrity, NYSWA will cultivate relationships between the wireless industry and the local communities we serve. ​

NYSWA represents more than 4,700 members and 700 companies, municipalities and key decision-makers in the wireless industry. Our organization encompasses all aspects of wireless including infrastructure, publications, educational and legal affairs, and local, state and federal regulation. NYSWA is New York State’s trusted resource for wireless news, issues and education.