NYSWA’s ever-growing membership has exceeded 4,700 people across New York State and beyond. Our membership is comprised of representatives from all corners of the wireless industry, including product manufacturers, service providers, wireless carriers, first responders, state, local and federal officials and more. With the help of our many members, sponsors, and volunteers, we bring together all those interested in advancing and learning more about the wireless industry. Our networking events, panel discussions and educational sessions focus on a variety of topics including wireless policies, regulatory aspects, wireless applications/benefits and more. NYSWA has the collective expertise and social connections to drive the wireless industry forward and further innovate the wireless experience nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

NYSWA is continually growing. As we grow, our leadership, membership and sponsorship grow with us. The benefits of membership naturally expand with the new and exciting resources made available to us. Membership to NYSWA provides:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Educational events
  • Personal and professional industry resources
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE) opportunities
  • Service and support from national organizations
  • Insights to developing regulatory issues affecting our industry

No. Membership is free, but the value of membership is priceless. Whether you are employed in the wireless industry or interested in knowing more about wireless, NYSWA is a great place to connect with professionals and businesses who can provide the information and resources you need.

Contact us! You can learn more about each committee on our Committees page and upcoming events on our Events page. If you would like to participate on a committee or in an event, email us at

We are receptive to any ideas on how to make NYSWA events, programs and membership a better experience for everyone.

We do not currently offer annual or general sponsorships, but we offer a large variety of event sponsorships each year. Visit our Sponsorship page for more information and our Events page to find out what opportunities are available for upcoming events.

If you have a specific sponsorship idea in mind, let us know! Send us an email at

No! NYSWA is inclusive of everyone regardless of location. While NYSWA’s mission focuses primarily on issues impacting New York State, our organization welcomes members and sponsors worldwide.