Westchester County Association Focused on 5G & Broadband, Assistance from Former NYSWA President Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher, Managing Partner at Cuddy & Feder and former President of NYSWA, is a Co-Chair of the Westchester County Association’s Post Pandemic Working Group, an extraordinary group of leaders from the business, healthcare, education and not-for-profit community.  A newly-released report from the group titled “Towards a Stronger Future” sets forth an advocacy and action agenda designed to drive economic recovery during the coronavirus pandemic and foster long-term growth in the Hudson Valley region.  Four major focus areas are outlined in WCA’s report which can be found here:

Of particular interest to NYSWA and its members is one of the group’s foundational pillars and the report’s section on Digital Connectivity.  Mr. Fisher, who chairs that subcommittee, shared the WCA’s three key action items to advance digital connectivity in the region:

Advocating for clear and consistent state and municipal digital policies that drive the private sector’s investment in broadband infrastructure locally;

Leveraging emerging technologies for smart cities and smart buildings that help constituents and spring-board the local economy forward; and

Addressing the digital divide through partnerships, education and workforce training so that no person is left behind in the next chapter of economic growth and prosperity. 

The report mentions NYSWA as one of the key stakeholders in a collaborative federal, state and local advocacy agenda.  Any NYSWA members interested in learning more and participating in WCA’s next steps should feel free to reach out to Chris at cfisher@cuddyfeder.com