NYSWA Scholarship for SUNY Impact Foundation – Scholarship Winners 2020

Congratulations to our SUNY Impact Scholarship winners!

The intent of this program is to foster interest among SUNY students for possible careers in the dynamic and growing NY-based wireless telecommunications industry. The NYSWA/SUNY scholarship is open to students with a variety of academic backgrounds in order to develop and recruit young talent to work in all aspects of the wireless telecommunications industry.

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John Crounse

John Crouse is a graduate of Union Endicott High, located in Central New York. He is currently enrolled at Finger Lakes Community College, majoring in Networking and Cyber Security. Although the workload is tough, he finds it very rewarding and looks forward to overcoming any challenges. He has been immersed in Charter Communication for two years and finds the job very exciting, due to its constantly evolving nature. Crounse intends to pursue a career in the Cyber Security industry, by protecting the intricate systems that keep clients connected.

Adrien D’Angelo

Adrien D’Angelo hails from Rochester, NY and enjoys the city for its rich culture of music, art, and innovation.  D’Angelo graduated from Pittsford Sutherland High School in 2008 and had his first exposure to higher learning at the University at Buffalo where he became an editor at The Spectrum campus newspaper, co-founded a political student organization, and began working as an audio technician.

He soon started working in the field of audio, mixing and recording bands at music festivals and venues around the state.  Having fostered an affinity for this profession, D’Angelo has since found interest in the field of electrical engineering technology.

D’Angelo has joined the Electrical Engineering Technology program at MCC in 2019 and has received his Electronics Technology Certificate this spring with distinction.  He is currently continuing to fulfill the courses for the A.A.S degree while studying and seeking certifications in programming and networking/switching.

In his application to the scholarship, Adrien said, “Changes in our environment continue to pose threats to our way of life. However, technology continues to find solutions to problems while allowing us to feel close together – even when we can’t be physically. This is the most crucial moment in history to work on the ever-evolving infrastructure that connects us.  I look forward to being one of those problem-solving technicians that people can rely on to aid in keeping them connected to their loved ones and broadening their personal and professional world.  Whether it be working to build the next wireless routing systems, or simply amplifying a microphone that belongs to someone with a voice that needs to be heard.”

David Keller

David Keller, 25, is a graduate of Saint Patrick Catholic Secondary School in Toronto, Canada.  He was accepted to McMaster University’s Bachelors in Electrical Engineering Technology program.  After completing his first year, Keller transferred into the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.  He has since been interning at PAR Government Systems Corporation.  He has always been interested in the functionality of technology and electronics. His dream is to be a leader in cutting-edge technology to advance the industry.  Keller plans on going to graduate school to further his education, while also gaining experience as an electrical engineer.  He looks forward to overcoming any adversity.

Kenneth Schrom

Kenneth Schrom is a graduate of Victor High School and currently attends Finger Lakes Community College for Networking & Cybersecurity.  His pursuit is forged from a keen interest in technology and configuring its functionality.  As a result, Schron’s academic career will be immersed in the latest and greatest of technology.  He admires that technology is a constantly evolving industry.  He looks forward to thriving at a leading technological company.

We look forward to hearing how they make an impact in the industry in the years to come!


The New York State Wireless Association, in partnership with the SUNY Impact Foundation, has established a non-tuition scholarship program for SUNY students at its state operated and community college campuses. The intent of this scholarship program is to develop interest and talent among SUNY students for working in the wireless technology field and business. This scholarship is open to students from a variety of academic backgrounds in order to develop young talent to serve your memberships’ recruitment needs. The eligibility requirements of the scholarship are:

  • Candidates must be a degree candidate in either an associate and bachelor degree program at a state operated or community college campus. All majors may apply
  • Preference will be given to students who have completed at least two semesters if enrolled in an associates degree program and completed at least four semesters if enrolled in a bachelors degree program
  • Preference will be given to students who have completed an internship with a NYS Wireless Association member or who are a current employee
  • Students enrolled exclusively in online learning are eligible to apply
  • Eligible students must complete an online application
  • Candidates will be required to provide a copy of their SUNY transcript
  • A recommendation from a professor or campus employer will be required

Students enrolled in associates level degree programs are eligible for $1,000 scholarships. Students enrolled in a bachelors level degree program are eligible for a $2,000 scholarship.

Spring 2021 scholarship application is open. Applications will close on December 18th.