NYSWA is excited to announce our partnership with NYersFor5G as a stakeholder in this state-wide initiative.

NYersFor5G is a new statewide coalition assembled to educate the public, policymakers and other stakeholders in New York about the benefits of next generation 5G connectivity.

This effort is about bringing together a broad coalition of voices to demonstrate the widespread and growing support for 5G and amplify the need for New York to bring 5G access to residents across the state.

Members of NYersFor5G are united in their belief that a reliable, robust and high-speed wireless network is crucial to helping rebuild New York’s economy and maintaining the state’s competitive edge, all while supporting and improving healthcare, education, public safety and so much more.




  • 5G is the next generation of wireless technology
  • 5G provides faster connectivity for our digital and mobile devices and increases the speed of which we can access online resources like websites, video streaming and other services
  • 5G will deliver service that is at least 10 times faster – and perhaps as much as 100 times faster – and with four times the capacity than the current 4G standard


  • The broad implementation of 5G is expected to generate 3 million new jobsx, $500 billion in GDP growth and $275 billion in investments nationwide
  • In New York, the implementation of 5G is expected to generate more than 193,000 wireless-related jobs and nearly $28.2 billion in economic growth over the next five years
  • High-speed wireless networks will help New York’s small business by ensuring they have full cellular coverage and access to high-speed broadband service to enable them to compete in the global marketplace


  • 5G will make it easier for patients to connect with doctors and other healthcare professionals by significantly increasing the speed of digital video and data transmission services
  • Telehealth has become essential in recent months as New Yorkers transitioned the bulk of their lives online due to the novel coronavirus crisis
  • 5G-driven telehealth networks will play a crucial role in delivering healthcare services to underserved communities – both rural and inner-city alike


  • 5G will improve communication, reduce download times and facilitate the use of new state-of-the-art technologies in all kinds of digital classrooms
  • 5G will help low-income and minority students get better access to digital and remote learning tools
  • The digital divide has grown more pronounced as a result of the recent public health crisis, and the cause of that has largely been a lack of access to resources, including computers and internet service


  • 5G will deliver more reliable access to emergency services provided by police officers, firefighters and first responders
  • The faster systems provided by 5G will enable first responders to access enhance location data for 911 calls and send video or pictures to their command center in real-time via wireless devices, which can help save them
  • 5G can help first responders navigate more quickly on-site with wireless access to building drawings or other critical information within seconds of a request

Contact us today for more information on NYSWA’s partnership with NYersFor5G.