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NYSWA’s 2022 Wireless Forum Returns

Wireless Forum 2022 - New York State Wireless Association

In just a few weeks, the 2022 Wireless Forum will return to Sarasota Springs in a nod to the first tradeshow NYSWA hosted 14 years ago.

NYSWA Scholarship for SUNY Impact Foundation – Scholarship Winners 2021

Congratulations to our SUNY Impact Scholarship winners! The intent of this program is to foster interest among SUNY students for possible careers in the dynamic and growing NY-based wireless telecommunications industry. The NYSWA/SUNY scholarship is open to students with a variety of academic backgrounds in order to develop and recruit young talent to work in … Read more

FCC Passes WIA Petitions in Big 5G Win

Originally published by the Wireless Infrastructure Association The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed a crucial and long-awaited infrastructure Order that clarifies siting rules for wireless deployment, including 5G. The “5G Upgrade Order” includes a declaratory ruling and notice of proposed rulemaking that would eliminate siting delays, promote collocation, and accelerate wireless network builds by clarifying … Read more