Wireless Forum 2013 A Huge Success! Check out the Digital Show Guide

NYSWA’s Wireless Forum 2013 was a huge success. Event highlights include:

  • Ken Adams, the Commissioner of NYS Economic Development kicked the day off with a welcome from the Empire State and offer to assist NYSWA get the message out on the economic importance of wireless to the State of New York and even speak out locally on the need for more infrastructure.


  • Steven Marshall from American Tower delivered an inspiring keynote address to us over lunch in which he identified key metrics related to wireless in New York, its growth and how our industry benefits the public.


  • Jonathan Adelstein, former FCC Commissioner and CEO of PCIA, brought us home in the afternoon with a compelling keynote highlighting why infrastructure deployment over the next few years is the only practical way in which our industry will deliver on the promise of wireless to all New Yorkers.

Throughout the day NYSWA also presented four educational sessions — FirstNet and deployment of a national public safety network, Superstorm Sandy and collaboration among government and the wireless community to restore networks and make them even more resilient for the future, Mobile Payments and where we stand in a truly seamless and safe consumer experience and Mobile Applications, the creative economy driving new and exciting platforms for wireless.  If that were not enough we had a Transit Wireless tour of the new NYC Subway wireless system the day before, rousing renditions of God Bless America and New York New York and a cocktail event right on the Hudson River with views of the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty…even the sun showed up at the perfect time!

Download the Wireless Forum 2013 Digital Show Guide and feel free to share it with others.