NYSWA Workforce Development Partner Receives Nearly $400k in Grant Funding

We are pleased to announce that Queensboro Community College, one of NYSWA’s partners in workforce development, was the recipient of a 2023 Heckscher Foundation Workforce Development Grant for $397,352.

In 2022, NYSWA partnered with the Queensboro Community College to implement a 5G Certification Program as part of an ongoing effort to assist with the growth of a properly trained wireless workforce in New York State. Under the direction of the organization’s Workforce Development Committee, chaired by Tom Marciano and Douglas Dimitroff, the partnership was designed to provide internship opportunities to students throughout NYC.

Last week, the Heckscher Foundation for Children announced the College will receive the grant in a first-of-its-kind program to create full-time jobs for underserved adults in New York State. As part of NYSWA’s collaboration with QCC, Tom Marciano submitted a letter of support for the College for consideration to receive the funding.

“For years, New York State needed a workforce development program that taught students the skills needed to work in the wireless and telecom industries,” said Thomas Marciano, Board Member and Co-Chair of the Workforce Development Committee at the New York State Wireless Association (NYSWA). “By providing this grant, the Heckscher Foundation for Children has stepped in to fill a significant void, enabling educators and employers to meet industry needs. NYSWA is grateful to the Heckscher Foundation for this work readiness funding, which gives students new opportunities to be a part of a diverse and qualified workforce.”

In January, the Heckscher Foundation began requesting grant proposals from New York high schools, colleges, and community-based organization to address the serious misalignment between the skills of unemployed individuals and the surplus of available jobs in New York. The Foundation granted $7.6 million in grant funding to 20 organizations that have partnered with employers to train, mentor, and provide full-time jobs to underprivileged youths. This new initiative will provide jobseekers with a clear path to a meaningful career, and offer a critical solution to ongoing workforce shortages.

As part of our commitment to workforce development, The NYSWA/Queensboro Community College Program offers students on-the-job training combined with classroom learning where they can gain a broad knowledge of telecommunications maintenance and modifications necessary for entry-level employment as a wireless telecommunications technician.

“We are incredibly proud of this program and grateful to have been recognized by The Heckscher Foundation,” continued Tom. “Receiving this grant will allow us to expand our ability to infuse New York State with a new class of skilled technicians.”

The Queensboro Community College 5G Wireless Mobile Technician Training Program is available to individuals between the ages of 18 and 24, who are unemployed and not attending school, with a low-income classification and interest in growing a career in a fast-paced industry. For additional details on this program and other workforce development initiatives NYSWA spearheads to resolve the telecommunications workforce shortages throughout New York State, visit NYSWA.org