NYSWA Committees Lead the Way in 2023

As we turn our focus to NYSWA’s 2023 goals, it would be impossible not to recognize the
volunteers who comprise each of our five committees – Workforce Development, Membership and Revenue, Education, Marketing, and Events. Their dedication to carrying out the mission of our organization and commitment to their respective roles is a critical factor in NYSWA’s success.

Our newest committee, the Workforce Development Committee, chaired by Tom Marciano and Douglas Dimitroff, currently includes three additional member volunteers – Kristin Duffy, Emily McPherson, and Chris Darr. This committee addresses the gap between available jobs and skilled workers in the wireless industry and aims to assist the growth of a properly trained wireless workforce in New York through outreach, education, and partnerships. Their goal for 2023? To build the workforce of the future by establishing on-the-job training, as well as classroom learning to help our industry onboard and educate a viable workforce for years to come.

Perhaps one of the most critical committees, the Members and Revenue Committee, ensures the future growth of NYSWA by increasing engagement, new memberships, and revenue for the association. The committee, comprised of Tom Wiseman, Denise Reed, Leslie Snyder, Chris Darr, and Mike Jones, serves as the voice of NYSWA and raises awareness on ‘who we are’ and ‘what our purpose and goals are’. Through networking events, fundraising activities, and educational seminars, the Membership and Revenue Committee generates revenue to support several charitable causes, such as Warriors of Wireless and the SUNY Scholarship and Training Programs.

2023 is promising to be an exciting year in the wireless telecommunications industry and the NYSWA Education Committee is busy scheduling a number of events related to broadband in the first half of the year alone. This committee is responsible for the incredible education programing, including the association’s signature Forum event, and they actively track New York State regulatory issues, federal and state regulations, and legal and lobbying issues relevant to the wireless industry. Be on the lookout for new educational events on our online calendar, including a major educational event coming to NYC this September.

All the hard work of our Membership and Revenue, and Education Committees would be for naught if it wasn’t for the tremendous effort from the NYSWA Events Committee. Chaired by Paul Eisenberg, this committee works with the NYSWA board to establish the complete events calendar, including the number of events to host, when to schedule them, and where they should be held. The events committee coordinates speakers, costs, refreshments, and the venue for all of NYSWA’s networking events, workshops, tours, multi-day conferences, and single-day events.

Finally, and certainly not to be overlooked, is the NYSWA Marketing committee. This committee is the cornerstone for all of the associations marketing and communication efforts, ensuring that everything that NYSWA does is in concert with the organization’s strategic direction and needs. The Marketing Committee, chaired by Aaron Friedman, continually strengthens NYSWA’s communications for consistent education and advocacy of services to clients, volunteers and the larger wireless community through social media, blog content, Google ads, SEO, and more. In short, the Marketing Committee sets the vision, and manages the overall marketing strategy, for NYSWA.

Think that volunteerism in a NYSWA committee is right for you? Each committee is always
looking for new members who are interested in becoming more actively engaged in the
association, and wanting to share their time and talents to steer the future of wireless in New York state. To get involved in 2023, simply visit our Committees page to learn more about the needs and requirements of each committee. Then, reach out to us at
email@newyorkstatewireless.com to begin your participation.