Inside Towers | 9th Circuit Court Ruling Called a “Grand Slam” for Industry
A federal appeals court today upheld the 2018 decision by the FCC to cap fees for wireless carriers to deploy “small cells” essential to the adoption of next-generation 5G networks according to Reuters.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals largely upheld the three orders the FCC adopted in 2018 to speed 5G deployments, despite objections from dozens of U.S. cities. The decision is seen as a win for wireless carriers by industry trade associations. AT&T said in 2018, that excessive fees sought by Portland were preventing it from deploying 5G small cells in the city.

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) said they applauded the 9th Circuit’s decision today that supports broadband deployment across the country by upholding all three of the major FCC’s 2018 Orders. 

“This decision is a grand slam for promoting 5G deployment across the country. It removes obstacles to broadband deployment and eliminates unnecessary delays,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “WIA applauds the 9th Circuit for basing its decision on the law and the facts and for affirming the FCC’s authority so that broadband infrastructure is not unreasonably impeded. WIA also applauds the FCC for its focus and diligence in promoting 5G deployment so that America can benefit from next-generation wireless services. The 2018 Orders and now this decision will provide a clearer path to 5G deployment across the country and boost America’s efforts to win the race to 5G.”

The decision supports broadband deployment by preventing siting rules that would prohibit connectivity across the country and by providing greater access for fiber providers, increasing efficiency through One Touch Make-Ready. 

Source: Inside Towers