Strategic Partnerships

Vice President: Lucia Chiocchio

Marketing & Communications

Role: The Marketing & Communications Committee’s primary role is to drive NYSWA awareness and access through communication. Web content and Web management are key to this endeavor. Driving Strategic Partnerships, a Quarterly Newsletter Publication and overall educational outreach are key components as well. The M&CC also acts as the primary liaison to PCIA and the State Wireless Association Program or SWAP.

Vice President: Sarah McAndrew
Co-chair: vacant

Membership & Governance

Role: The primary role of the Membership & Governance Committee is to recruit talent both at the Committee and Board levels as well as overall Board governance functions. Also, this committee is responsible to drive strategic initiatives of the Board, Business Development, and Educational Outreach initiatives.

Chair: David Bronston
Vice Chair: Joe Messineo


Role: The Regulatory Committee acts as the primary liaison to Municipal and State government agencies within New York. This Committee is responsible to provide updates on wireless legislation and regulation. Also, a key component of this Committees’ work is educational outreach to decision makers in order that they are well informed. Lastly, this Committee is responsible to drive understanding of new technologies such as DAS (‘Distributed Antenna Systems”) as an example.

Presidnet:  Robert Gaudioso
Co-Chair: Anthony B. Gioffre, III
Co-Chair: Adam Walters

State & Local Affairs

Advisor: Chris Fischer


Role: The Events Committee is primarily responsible for the programming, operations, and logistics of NYSWA events, all of which are geared toward building and enhancing relationships as well as driving education outreach. Sponsorship and relationship development are key components.

Vice President Adrian Berezowsky